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KPN Good To Go is a new mobile first video platform on which five Dutch curators have selected their favourite video content: Tess Milne, Kay Nambiar, Oliver Heldens, Faberyayo and Anna Nooshin. The platform offers a very varied and exciting mix of video content, about 13 hours in total. Good To Go has a unique feature in which the length of the video playlist is determined by the viewer itself. You get exactly as much content as you want, tailored to the time you are on the train, whether it’s 2 hours or 20 minutes.






Visual design
UX consulting


FWA – Mobile of the day

Video playlist

Create a video playlist from the favourite videos of five Dutch influencers

KPN Good To Go web app

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Get this notification when holding your mobile in portrait mode

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Curators (Dutch influencers) and set maximum time of video playlist

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Home screen

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Swipe through video playlist

KPN Good To Go - video platform

Dutch influencers

Five influencers curate videos before that you watch them in the playlist

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The five Dutch influencers

Outdoor advertising

Campaign poster targeted at young adults

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This a sketch of the final campaign poster