Audi A4 Experience

Real world: Storytelling VR app

Audi A4 Experience is a storytelling VR app that enables people to discover every single detail and experience the highlights of the new Audi A4. To introduce the new car before it hit the dealerships it needed to go beyond a virtual test drive or a technical demo of its features. Audi wanted to include innovation with impact in its introduction strategy. An innovation where ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ was combined with the emotional experience of the Audi A4. The perfect opportunity for VR.




Digitas (Amsterdam)


Visual design



Dutch VR Awards Gold

DIA Silver

FWA Awards

SAN Nomination

Spin Nomination

The Lovie Award Shortlisted

Webby’s Honoree

W3 Awards Silver

W3 Awards Gold

Audi Communication Award

VR app

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VR view in Audi A4

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VR view in rollercoaster

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Studio at Viemr

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Studio at Viemr